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$7.0 Million for a Union Electrician

$7.0 Million for a Union Electrician, the in his 40's, who while installing an exterior electrical sign at a bank received an electrical shock and fell off of his ladder fracturing his spine; despite multiple defendants' counsels' claims that Plantiff's injuries pre-existed the incident and/or that he was the sole cause of his injury.

$6.0 Million for Union Laborers

$6.0 Million at trial for two construction laborers who were hit by a vehicle. One of the construction workers sustained a right leg injury that ultimately required an above-the-knee amputation. The other client sustained crush injuries to his right foot. We were able to prove at trial, with the use of expert witnesses and video animation, that the driver who claimed a green light, failed to maintain a proper lookout and was liable for this collision.

$3.1 Million for Union Worker

$3.1 Million received by a 29 year old window washer who fell when his ladder broke and sustained multiple fractures and head injuries.$3.0 Million for Union Carpenter

$3.0 Million for a Union Carpenter

$3.0 Million awarded to Union Carpenter who was injured when he fell, resulting in knee and back injuries.

$2.2 Million for Account Executive

$2.2 Million award for a 39 year old account executive who was involved in a rear-end car collision that aggravated a prior back condition. His injuries required surgery and rendered him disabled from his employment. Although the impact was minimal and there was no visible damage to his car, we were able to prove, utilizing a bio mechanical expert, that the impact from the accident was sufficient to cause the client’s injuries and resultant surgery.

$1.975 Million for Union Laborer

$1.975 Million settlement on behalf of a 43 year old union carpenter. Our client, while sheet rocking, fell from a Baker’s scaffold, causing a fractured elbow that required multiple surgeries. We were able to settle the case prior to the scheduling of a trial date, expediting the entire process for the client and providing much needed relief for his family.

$1.9 Million for HVAC Worker

$1.9 Million for a 46 year old HVAC worker who fell from a defective ladder aggravating a prior knee injury. This required arthroscopic surgery, a future knee replacement was recommended and he was unable to return to work.

$1.7 Million for Non-Union Cable Technician

$1.7 Million for a then age 42 year-old cable technician who fell of the ladder upon which he was working when it shifted; causing neck and hand injuries requiring multiple surgeries. Defendants' experts maintained that Plaintiff's injuries were not casually related, he was not involved in a protected activity and/or the building owner claimed to be exempt from liability under the Public Service Law.

$1.5 Million in Car Accident Case

$1.5 Million for a 45 year old woman involved in an intersectional collision. Both drivers claimed the right of way. At the time of the collision she had a lawsuit already pending for a prior car accident in which she also sustained neck and back injuries. This collision aggravated her prior injuries and required surgery.

$1.36 Million for Union Carpenter

$1.36 Million for a then 41 year old union carpenter who sustained a serious foot fracture, with complications healing; which verdict was reduced by 35% due to his percentage of fault and then settled while an appeal was pending

$1.2 Million for Union Electrician

$1.2 Million for an electrician in his 50’s who fell at a construction site, which aggravated a pre-existing injury, and, in addition, other injuries which required surgeries.He was unable to return to work despite defendants claim otherwise.

$1.0 Million in Truck Accident Case

$1.0 Million for a New York City Supervisor whose vehicle was rear-ended in Massachusetts by a tractor trailer. Just one month before the accident, he was already being treated for neck and back injuries. After this accident he required surgeries. While his action was pending in Federal Court in Boston, it was resolved prior to trial.

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